CarVue’s biggest update ever

We’ve released the biggest feature update in our history. Take a look at what’s new…

CarVue’s biggest update ever

We’ve released the biggest feature update in our history. Take a look at what’s new…

What’s in the update?

We’ve got a new menu design for easier navigation, and we’ve also made some other major changes across the application: speeding up and simplifying building of job cards, allowing committed financial documents to be edited, made customer data collection GDPR-compliant, introduced Parts bins and inventory tracking, created new filters for T-Card boards, and made signing into CarVue even more secure for users. Phew…quite a lot to get through!

New navigation

Our biggest update ever brings in our biggest change in design, with a brand new side navigation menu helping you get to key areas in CarVue quicker and easier than before.

Easier to navigate modules

new-navigation-main Our smarter navigation menu is pinned to the left side of the screen and is how you access all modules in CarVue. Now, you simply click on a module to reveal the pages within.

Simplified menus and page links

simplified-menus-and-page-links We’ve also simplified the location of many pages in CarVue to make them easier to find every time. There is a new, simpler Accounts menu and the Customers and Vehicles modules have been combined. You can see the navigation changes in more detail here

New profile and settings menu

new-profile-and-settings-menu The app and location settings have been improved, with a new profile menu allowing you to edit your CarVue account details, switch a location, get help or log out..

New quick link to create jobs

quick-link-to-create-jobs We’ve had lots of requests to make a prominent button available on every page to quickly create a new booking, so we’re really excited to introduce the new ‘Create a new job’ button in the top left hand corner of every page which will be a very useful and well-used shortcut for our users!

Invoice editing & history

We’ve been under the hood doing some major work in Accounts. You can now make changes to an invoice once it’s been committed and easily view historical changes made to any financial document. There are also dedicated new pages for purchase credits, credit notes, and quotes.

Edit your committed invoices

edit-committed-invoices When invoicing customers you normally convert a draft into a committed invoice, which then sets it in stone for your accounts. But we know that sometimes there are changes needed to be made after you press to commit an invoice. Raising a credit, creating a new draft and committing is a slow process, especially if it happens more than once! Lots of our users have asked, so we’re really excited to introduce this feature. You can now edit a committed invoice the way you would a draft in CarVue.

See all invoice changes in history

invoice-history-editedWith more freedom to change committed invoices, purchase orders and credit notes, it’s more important that you have complete transparency and accountability over your finances. Any changes to an invoice are detailed, timestamped and show which user made the change.

New Quotes, Purchase credit and credit note pages

new quotes purchase credit and credit note pages As part of the new simplified Accounts navigation, we’ve created dedicated pages for your quotes, purchase credits and credit notes, which used to live under the invoice/purchase dashboards.  

Repair templates

We’ve introduced a great new Workshop feature for you to bundle together common repair items. They’re simple and quick to set up and will end up saving lots of time when building jobs and repairs.

Build better jobcards, quicker

repair-template-add-to-jobcard Using a repair template will increase your efficiency by saving time every time you need to set up a common repair on a job. They also give your garage consistently-worded jobcards for technicians, and invoices for customers. Rather than having to type in repair descriptions and adding labour and parts, you now simply select a repair template which will then populate your jobcard with the descriptions, hours and parts needed for the repair.

Easy to set-up new templates

repair-template-save-new Setting up a new repair template only takes a few minutes, and you can either set them up from scratch or you can save repairs from a job as a new repair template. If you’ve been using Packages to bundle together parts and labour, we’ve also added in a simple way to convert them into a new repair template.  

Product bins & inventory history

Managing parts inventory is now easier in CarVue with the addition of two great new features: product bins and stock history. The location of parts stock can now be easily allocated so that they’re easier to find when you’re on a job, plus you get a rich history of any changes to the inventory level of any product.

Set up and customise bins

assign-product-bin Setting up bins is really easy. From CarVue’s settings you can now add in products bins: all you need to do is give your bin a code and a description. Then you simply assign your existing parts and products to one of your bins from the Products page.

Locate your products quickly

locate-parts-bin Using bins can speed up the process of picking parts for jobs. From a jobcard, once you add in a line item for a product in stock, the bin location will be displayed, which will help your team find and fit the correct parts quickly.

See all changes to inventory levels

stock-history With stock history you get insight to any and every change to your parts inventory. When a part gets invoiced, moves bins or when a delivery arrives into stock, the changes are detailed, user and date stamped and saved into your parts history record.  

New T-card board filters

The T-card board is extremely popular with CarVue users, providing a brilliant, visual way of seeing the status of all customer jobs from one screen. We’ve added a new bay filter in so you can quickly toggle between the different bays or ramps.

Filter jobs by bay instantly

T-card-bay-filter Now when you’re looking at your workshop T-card control board, as well as being able to switch between onsite and offsite jobs and advisors, you’re able to pick one of your bays from the dropdown menu and the board will update to only show jobs assigned to that bay.

Customer marketing preferences

With the introduction of GDPR, data security, privacy and customer communications have never been more important for garages. New settings in CarVue now allow you to save your customer preferences for different types of communication.

Opt-in your customers for contact

gdpr-opt-in-communications Under the new GDPR regulations, it’s super important to gain consent from customers for contact purposes. We’ve added in new ‘opt-in’ checkboxes in customer records so that you can individually record how your customer has agreed to be contacted, from postal addresses to other communication methods you add to their record, such as landline phone or mobile numbers and email addresses.

Upgraded account security

The security of our customers and their businesses is a high priority for Autino, with more online threats emerging every day. So we’ve upgraded the level of password complexity to make CarVue even more secure.

Industry-standard password security

password-security Easy passwords are all too often used, and while they’re easy to remember, they’re also easy to guess. To better protect our customers, we’re adopting industry-standard password complexity when setting up new user accounts to make garage data more secure. There are helpful prompts when choosing a password that disappear once your password is at least 8 characters long and containing a mix of upper case, lower case and numbers.

Features that don’t stand still.

CarVue isn’t installed from a disc or downloaded from a website. It’s in the cloud. That means you’re always running the latest version automatically. And when our users suggest ways to improve CarVue, we listen and deliver improvements and features without you having to do anything.

"A lot of other systems out there are expensive to buy and difficult to maintain. With CarVue I don’t have that problem.”

– Jonathan Fry

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